Thursday 10 November 2011

For the pleasure of His company

I woke up thirsty. Simply a GREAT desire to hear God speak. I thought:  How many times I approached him for interest (to request) by dissatisfaction (to complain) or pangs of conscience (for forgiveness). Not today. Just woke up thirsty. Longing to hear that beautiful voice that warms my heart. Will to be in the company of Him who created me and knows every inch of my complicated being. Desire to lie down on his majestic lap and have the courage to ask just one thing: that He speaks to me. Reason? I do not need - I'm His daughter, I'm human, I am in need and He understands me better than anyone. I know that there will come other days of sorrow, pain, sadness and regret, but I want to enjoy this day of thirst that I draw near to God for the simple pleasure of being in His company. Though, by my fault human nature, it’s only for today...

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