Monday 1 July 2013

Enough ignorance

During a moment of small group we began to delve into theological and metaphysical questions of life, without coming to any conclusion. Then we turned our thoughts to one of the wisest books of the Bible - Ecclesiastes, that discusses issues like ours. The conclusion of the author (or authors because the authorship is historically controverted) is that, in the end, "all is vanity and striving after wind" (Eccl. 2:17).

I was thinking perhaps it is. Perhaps if we think too much and we want to get the answers to all our questions, we get to this point that everything here is worth up to snuff and even more precious awaits us in heaven. Maybe because everything we see / live the most wonderful here does not compare to what we see / live there, with the Father. Everything should be vanity.

However, today I woke up with the thought that this level of understanding can prevent us from enjoying what God has for us HERE. God did not send us to this life on vacation or to stay bored waiting for eternity. There is a purpose. And for us to enjoy what that purpose is, we need a minimum of ignorance to be happy.

(Ignorance? WHAT??)

Calm down! Let me explain: live life wondering about the meaning of all things distracts us from the main purpose - LIVE! One day we will get all the answers in person, from the mouth of Him, who made them all. Until then, relax and live.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Comings and goings

I've thought about officially closing the blog and leave it as a beautiful record of things I went through. However, it seems that God himself gives me a few nudges saying that there is more to do here.

I was thinking about the rise of social networks like Facebook and consequent decline of blogging. People have no more patience time to read long texts, lines of thought, development of ideas. As the fast food, the fast information took over and I do not know if me writing here is as interesting to readers as it was before.

Anyway, it was always a record of what was happening inside me. And yet few read (or even no one), the desire to write is not dead yet, so I'll keep writing and perhaps blessing lives.

I'm back!

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Extraordinarily you

"God wired the world to receive power, but he calls us to switch them on", I read something like that, this morning, in a book by Max Lucado*. It's funny to feel God hammering again this question that fills my mind and heart since few weeks . Day after day he has shown me the size of the responsibility that is to have a precious asset - which is salvation through Christ Jesus - and the duty to share it more effectively with those around me.

Indeed, the question is simple: I have noticed that people who live the Gospel in its authenticity can not see it as a great effort to convey Jesus with everybody around. I'm not talking about any challenges that we face as Christians - a tricky question about the Bible, a testimony forced by a situation or an affront by following certain faith. I'm talking about stoping, taking a look within yourself, recognize yourself as a dependent of God, yet highly empowered with tools to make out of the ordinary and the extraordinary in order to melt the hearts of people to this wonderful Jesus we know. How? Being extraordinarily yourself.

Some examples of "people who are" have impacted me tremendously:

A friend asked the company's HR to receive only what is written on her Work Permit, in other words, a value significantly lower than what she'd really get "out". Honesty!

A friend made the topic and presentation of his thesis a true evangelistic event, addressing the perspective of management, social responsibility that comes by living Christianism, shared and expansive, dividing with the society the love that comes from God. Attitude.

A group of couples in the church "adopted" children in need of a family from a poor community, pledging to pay for his studies in great schools until entering college. Solidarity.

Results: lives impacted with a real Jesus who actually LIVES.

I agree with the author who spoke at the beginning: this world is just "wired", it means, full of open opportunities, thirsty hearts, people who have even heard of Jesus, but never felt the authenticity of the love that comes from Him. They're waiting for us to "switch on", that is, through our lives, this love becomes attitude and then make some difference.

Know Jesus? Disclose. How? Be extremely yourself.

(*Make life worth living, Thomas Nelson Brazil, 2010)

Monday 14 November 2011

Wonderfully Made

This is a recommendation. Thanks to my friend Patricia Abreu, I discovered this beautiful site: Wonderfully Made. It is in English and it's really girly - for "girls" of God. In the posts, interviews, videos, verses, everything shows how much we (women) have been designed as something very special in the heart of the Father.

Wonderfully Made is a Christian organization, nonprofit "dedicated to helping today's modern young women discover, strengthen, and reclaim their true value and worth," as says the site itself.

It is worth taking a peek.

Thursday 10 November 2011


I’ve always thought that affection is never a bad thing...

When I was in Ireland, addicted to coffee like I am, I went on trying researching the best cappuccino in Gorey. I found it – Tea House, on Main Street. It’s a place that looks like a doll’s house, with scones, muffins and cakes daily made, as well as the coffee deliciously served in cute cups. Everything is delicious, including the service. So, during one year, I’ve been there nearly every week, taking along my friends and my babies (villagers) to have coffee with me.

At my very last day-off, I felt in my heart I should take a napkin and write there my affection for the place and the people there. Some days ago, a friend sent me a message saying that she had been to the Tea House and found my message framed and hanged on the wall. Then other friend went there and took a picture of that (below). The ladies that work there told him that every time that the day is not so ok, they go and have a look on the message, so they can remember that their work worth it. It’s just incredible how God can use us to touch lives, isn’t it? I still get impressed, because I’m absolutely sure that it was His idea, not mine. So, may it be like this forever. Beautiful God!

For the pleasure of His company

I woke up thirsty. Simply a GREAT desire to hear God speak. I thought:  How many times I approached him for interest (to request) by dissatisfaction (to complain) or pangs of conscience (for forgiveness). Not today. Just woke up thirsty. Longing to hear that beautiful voice that warms my heart. Will to be in the company of Him who created me and knows every inch of my complicated being. Desire to lie down on his majestic lap and have the courage to ask just one thing: that He speaks to me. Reason? I do not need - I'm His daughter, I'm human, I am in need and He understands me better than anyone. I know that there will come other days of sorrow, pain, sadness and regret, but I want to enjoy this day of thirst that I draw near to God for the simple pleasure of being in His company. Though, by my fault human nature, it’s only for today...