Tuesday 7 February 2012

Extraordinarily you

"God wired the world to receive power, but he calls us to switch them on", I read something like that, this morning, in a book by Max Lucado*. It's funny to feel God hammering again this question that fills my mind and heart since few weeks . Day after day he has shown me the size of the responsibility that is to have a precious asset - which is salvation through Christ Jesus - and the duty to share it more effectively with those around me.

Indeed, the question is simple: I have noticed that people who live the Gospel in its authenticity can not see it as a great effort to convey Jesus with everybody around. I'm not talking about any challenges that we face as Christians - a tricky question about the Bible, a testimony forced by a situation or an affront by following certain faith. I'm talking about stoping, taking a look within yourself, recognize yourself as a dependent of God, yet highly empowered with tools to make out of the ordinary and the extraordinary in order to melt the hearts of people to this wonderful Jesus we know. How? Being extraordinarily yourself.

Some examples of "people who are" have impacted me tremendously:

A friend asked the company's HR to receive only what is written on her Work Permit, in other words, a value significantly lower than what she'd really get "out". Honesty!

A friend made the topic and presentation of his thesis a true evangelistic event, addressing the perspective of management, social responsibility that comes by living Christianism, shared and expansive, dividing with the society the love that comes from God. Attitude.

A group of couples in the church "adopted" children in need of a family from a poor community, pledging to pay for his studies in great schools until entering college. Solidarity.

Results: lives impacted with a real Jesus who actually LIVES.

I agree with the author who spoke at the beginning: this world is just "wired", it means, full of open opportunities, thirsty hearts, people who have even heard of Jesus, but never felt the authenticity of the love that comes from Him. They're waiting for us to "switch on", that is, through our lives, this love becomes attitude and then make some difference.

Know Jesus? Disclose. How? Be extremely yourself.

(*Make life worth living, Thomas Nelson Brazil, 2010)

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